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GoOkayed is a health/fitness/supplement and a few other product/sector review site that seeks to add value to its visitors’ lives by giving them real, honest, and factual information about supplements and other health-related products.

We know that finding reliable information about supplements and other products in this niche is extremely important. Scams are, unfortunately, far too common in this market to just trust what companies say about their products – which is why we do what we do.

But how do we go about this process? What types of things do we look for?

Here’s a brief rundown of how we do our job and what you can expect from us (the reviewers) here at GoOkayed.

Transparency is our number one goal

First of all, our primary goal is to remain transparent. We do not just want to say things to say them. We want everything that we write to make sense, and we want to give you all kinds of reasons to believe what we say, because we believe that providing real, factual information will make your life (the consumer’s life) better.

With that being said, we make every effort be transparent in our content. We want you to know what we’re saying, and why we’re saying it – which is why you’ll find a lot of citations and source references to back up our words.

Being open and honest is tremendously important – and we do our best to embody both of these attributes with every new review that we write and post.

We believe in fairness and a balanced approach

We realize that most customers are more likely to leave a negative review than a good one. We also know that the vast majority of customers who buy and like the product never think about reviewing it for other customers.

For these reasons, we try to take a fair and balanced approach to each different review. We never want to penalize a company for having bad reviews if they also have a lot to offer that’s positive – but we also never want to recommend a company that doesn’t seem to satisfy its customers either.

In the end, the facts are what dictate our reviews – and we would never post anything that we didn’t feel was done so in the spirit of fairness and openness.

How do we make money?

Very few websites are able to function without some form of revenue – and ours is no different. To keep our site up-to-date and operating at peak efficiency, we need to maintain it and keep the bills paid – which means that we also need to bring in some cash to offset the costs!

With that being said, we employ two different, basic strategies for earning revenue.

1… We earn money through affiliate links and discount codes. Basically, these allow us to leverage our position as a product reviewer to get customers better deals on products, while also making a percentage of the profits ourselves.

This is actually a pretty common way for review sites to earn revenue – and it is one of the methods that we employ.

2… Secondly, we sometimes earn revenue through ads on our website. If these ads are clicked on and/or the featured products are purchased through our site, then we earn a commission based on it.

These are obviously very simplistic descriptions – but this is, in a very basic sense, how we pay our bills and keep our website functioning.

With this being said, however, it’s important for you to know that we would never knowingly skew our reviews just because we want to sell more products! We believe in being a trustworthy source of information, and believe that giving our visitors real, factual information is the absolute best policy possible – and we are passionate about maintaining it!

So please rest assured that everything we post is as accurate and as truthful as possible. If we ever make a mistake and figure it out, we will update our reviews to show our new findings.

[quote style=’1′ cite=”]We want customers to know that they can trust us – and selling products for the small fees that they earn us would never be more important to us than providing reliable information for our readership![/quote]

Do we personally test all of the products that we review?

There are thousands (if not millions) of different supplement products on the market – and if we had the time and resources, we would review every single one of them!

But with our limited time and resources, we must (unfortunately) choose only the most relevant and talked-about products, as these reviews are going to be the most-likely to help our readership.

But even so – that still means that we’re going to be reviewing a lot of different supplements!

And with that being said – it’s important for our readers to understand that not every product that we review can be personally tested.

When we write reviews, we often use information gathered from many different sources to analyze the products and report our findings. These sources could be clinical trials, customer reviews, information from product testers, data from the manufacturer’s website, informational websites/resources, and so on.

We also make it a point to try to identify scams as early-on as possible. If we feel that a product could potentially be a scam, we dig deeply to find out the truth – and then report this through our review to our readership.

Many of the products that we review are not tested personally by us. But we make every effort to find the best information available, and to collect these facts into a review so that readers can find everything they need in one easy-to-access place.

Can you trust our reviews?

Our goal is to be a trustworthy source of information regarding health and fitness related products – especially supplements. We know that the supplement market can be difficult to navigate, and we would like to establish ourselves as a source of information that people can believe in.

With that being said, we also realize that everyone really needs to make their own choices regarding their health, safety, and well-being – and would never want anyone to blindly follow our advice or to use our reviews as their only source of information.

We believe that supplements and other health-related products need to be chosen carefully – and would encourage all of our readers to consult their doctor and/or other trusted sources of information before making a choice about any type of supplement that could impact their health or safety in any way.

We are definitely not physicians, and though we make it a point to provide information that’s as accurate as possible, we also know that, sometimes, you simply need more facts to make the right choice.

We want to help, and believe that our content can give you an awesome start – but we should never be considered the ‘authority’.

How to read and understand our reviews

Our reviews tend to be a bit lengthy, mostly due to the fact that we pride ourselves on providing as much information as possible.

With that being said, here are some tips that you can utilize to make your experience a bit more efficient.

If you’re in a hurry…

GoOkayed Approval StampIf you just want the ‘quick and dirty’ on a particular product without having to read through everything, then we would suggest first taking a look at the Verdict section and the Pros and Cons.

We would also suggest finding out whether or not the product has our GoOkayed stamp of approval! If it does, it means that we believe that the product in-question provides real value and quality to the consumer.

In a sense, this is our ‘official recommendation’, and it symbolizes the fact that we have found the product to be, in general, a quality product offered by a reputable company.

If you’ve got a little more time, but don’t want to read the entire thing…

Try reading through the parts of the review that interest you the most. You may, for example, be interested in the ingredients, or the customer reviews, etc. If so, then you should definitely check these parts out first.

Of course, there’s no substitute for reading the entire thing. Our reviews tend to be pretty in-depth, so you can definitely count on learning a thing or two by reading through them!

Our promise to you!

GoOkayed is dedicated to promising our readers these two very important things.

1… That our reviews and content will benefit you

2… That the information we publish will be as factual and as informative as possible, and that it will help by equipping you to make the best possible choices regarding health/fitness products and supplements

If a review doesn’t meet these two requirements, then we simply don’t post it – because for us, this is what it’s all about.

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