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Published On April 25, 2014 | By Albert Just | Services

Starting a company isn’t necessarily an easy thing. Of course, most entrepreneurs start businesses because they either have a new idea for a product or service or because they know a particular industry very well and are planning on getting into it on their own.

But before they can really get started, they need to legally ‘form’ their company… and this can sometimes be difficult.

There is a lot of paperwork associated with company formation, which is exactly why company formation agents exist.

These businesses do all of the leg-work involved in getting your UK based business running and legal. They take crucial details and use them to fill out the appropriate paperwork, which they then file with the appropriate offices to ensure that your company will be as ready as you are to enter the marketplace.

Of course, choosing which company formation agent to use can be a challenge. What do they have to offer? What should you look for? What makes one better than another? These are all good questions, and they are questions that we seek to answer for you with our honest and down-to-earth company formation

Why Use A Company Formation Agent?

This is perhaps the very first question that you are likely to ask… and it is a good one. Why not just do all of the paperwork yourself?

To begin with, it is important to remember that you could do it all by yourself… but do you really know what you need to do? Do you know what paperwork is going to be required? Do you know where to file it? Do you know where to obtain the proper documents, and do you know what those documents are?

Most people will quickly realize that starting a company isn’t as simple as just getting a business license. Different types of companies require different types of paperwork, and filling out this paperwork can be time consuming. It can also be confusing to figure out how to file it. Of course, there is also always a small margin for error. If you make a mistake, then you could face setbacks in your formation… and this could keep you from getting down to business and doing what you really want to do.

Using a company formation agent, on the other hand, could save you a ton of time. They are not very expensive, they can have your company formed and legal in as few as three hours, and the best thing about them is that they do not require you to know anything about forming a company. They literally take care of everything, leaving you to do what you enjoy doing and do the best… running your business!

What To Look For Before Deciding On A Service

Choosing a company formation agent should be a thorough process. Many of them offer similar services and service packages, but some do offer more than others. Some, for example, offer free .UK web domains, while some do not. Some offer better guarantees, and some give you more for your money with basic service packages. Always be clear on what you are getting, and try to take your time and look at all of the options before buying.

Here are some different things to consider as you shop for the best company formation agent for you.

Service Packages

In our reviews, we take a detailed look at the service packages offered by each company formation agent to see what they are offering in each one. Some businesses only need to buy very basic packages, though it is important to remember that some types of businesses will need to invest in the higher-priced options. If this is the case for your business, it is important to take a careful look at what you really need so that you don’t end up buying the wrong package and needing to start over again.

In our reviews, we go over the service package options from the different companies to tell you how many they offer and how much they cost.

Ease Of Use

This is another category that we go over in our reviews. Of course, the whole point of using a company formation agent is to make the process easier. If the business in question does not score high marks in this category, then there is a good chance that you are going to regret not choosing someone else.

Service Prices

This is another important thing to consider that we include in every review. Our reviews give readers honest and accurate pricing information so that they can see, at a glance, what different company formation agents are charging for their services. Of course, finding a good price is essential in all cases, so this is an important thing to consider as you shop around for the service that best matches your needs.

Company History

Knowing more about the company in question is sometimes very important to the purchasing decision… which is why we always include some information on the company’s history for readers to look over. Learning more about a business’ history is not only interesting, but may also help you to better gauge whether the business has been around long enough to be trustworthy.


Of course, customer support is of tremendous importance, which is why we make it a point in every review to talk about this crucial topic as well.

Pros and Cons

In this section of the review, you can expect to find some concise information on the basic pros and cons we found while examining the business in question. This can help you to navigate different choices and can help to make the process easier.

Our Stamp

Of course, no Go Okayed review is complete without us first choosing whether or not to award the business or product in question our ‘stamp of approval’. If it has the Go Okayed stamp, then you can be sure that it is a business or a service that you are going to be pleased with.

This is the symbol of our recommendation. If the company formation agent has our stamp of approval, then we are basically saying that you can’t really go wrong with that choice.

Company Formation Agents / Companies we Recommend

Features and Services SetupACompany Companies Made Simple Rapid Formations
Multiple Service Packages
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
Free .UK Domain
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
red cross 25px
Fast (3-5 hour) Company Formation
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
Cheapest Service Package Price
Number of different Service packages Offered
Offers Online Admin Portal
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
Free Optional Bank Account
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
Number of steps Required to form Company
6 Steps
4 Steps
5 Steps
Free Phone Support Yes Yes Yes
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
Our stamp?
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
green tick 25px
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