Testosterone booster ingredients

Testosterone booster ingredients: What makes them work?

Published On September 14, 2016 | By Albert Just | Testosterone

Testosterone boosters are typically supplements designed to spur the body to create more natural testosterone. This is different from actual prescription testosterone, which puts synthetic T directly into your body.

Testosterone boosters use a range of different types of ingredients to help the body to generate its own higher levels of T – and in this article, we’re going to examine some of the different types of ingredients and talk about what affect they have on the body.

D-Aspartic Acid

This common T booster ingredient is an amino acid that stimulates the central region of the brain. When this happens, the person taking it is said to get a temporary boost in testosterone levels.


This herbal ingredient has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, and has a reputation for being both an aphrodisiac and a natural stimulant. Studies done on the plant seem to have mixed results – and to this day, researchers aren’t entirely sure why it seems to work the way it does. But regardless of what the studies claim to show, many people swear by it as a T booster, a stimulant, and an ingredient that helps athletes to achieve better workout results.


It’s a well-known fact that some B-Vitamins (especially vitamin B-6) can play an important role in the body’s natural testosterone production. They do this by helping to improve fat and protein metabolism. Vitamin B-6 is also known to help suppress the production of estrogen in the body, which will inevitably result in higher testosterone levels.


This is another ingredient that’s found in a lot of natural T-boosters. It’s actually one of the most well understood and scientifically verified natural T-boosters available, and over time, supplementation with Zinc can help men to achieve significantly higher degrees of testosterone.


This is another ingredient that’s well known as a T-booster. It is especially useful when combined with Zinc in a well-balanced diet.


The name might be a strange one, but this ingredient has been used for thousands of years and touted for its many health benefits. Some call it ‘man’s best friend’ because of how good it is for males and testosterone levels when taken in a supplement form. It’s said to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and libido boosters available naturally, and is said to have rich T boosting properties.

Tribulus Terrestris

This natural ingredient (sourced from a thorny plant) is said to help elevate hormones that stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone. Results in studies of the ingredient are a bit inconclusive so far, but many people swear by it as one of the best T booster ingredients on the market.

Do they really work?

As men get older, they tend to experience natural decreases in testosterone. This is usually seen as unfortunate, but it’s no secret. After the age of 30, the male’s natural levels of testosterone will begin to slowly wane – which is why testosterone boosters are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Men are realizing that they can actually do something about their waning testosterone, because having higher levels of testosterone in the body is generally a good thing.

T helps to promote better muscle gains at the gym, leads to better libido and the ability to perform sexually, and also helps with focus and energy levels.

In essence, testosterone is like the ‘fountain of youth’ for males.

But do T boosters really work?

As you already know, testosterone boosters are basically herbal/vitamin supplements filled with natural ingredients that are said to stimulate the production of T within the human body.

A lot of people are skeptical of natural T boosters, and for good reason. Many studies performed on them have been inconclusive – but that doesn’t mean that a lot of people don’t see results after using them.

One mistake that people tend to make is giving up on them after a few days or weeks. It can take a while to begin to see the effects that such products can have on the body, and if you give up on a supplement after the first week, you’re probably not going to find anything legal or safe that’s going to help you.

The bottom line is this… natural T boosters can work, and do work for a lot of people. But at the same time, it’s important not to expect them to be miracle-boosters that are going to give you steroid-like gains at the gym or huge surges of energy and focus in a short amount of time. Natural supplements can take a bit longer to work than prescription or illegal substances, but at the same time, they don’t come with the same dangerous side effects.

In pretty much any case, the most important facts to remember are these.

1… Natural testosterone boosters can work, and do for a lot of people

2… They are much safer and full of natural, legal herbs and vitamins that are good for your body… so they won’t cause dangerous side effects or anything like that

3… The only way to be sure about a particular supplement is to give it a try

Obviously, you’ll want to try a supplement that has a good reputation. You should probably also avoid supplements that have a lot of negative customer reviews. But with those things being said, there are a number of awesome T boosters out there on the market – and odds are good that at least one of them will bring you very positive results!

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