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Published On December 28, 2013 | By Albert Just | Debt Management Companies

StepChange Debt Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in the UK to escape their debt problems. They offer advice that is specifically tailored to give their clients a financial fresh start, and also provide many different services to individuals in the UK who have debt problems. Being the largest debt charity in the UK, they are an independent charity whose mission is to eliminate and overcome problem debt… a mission that they have been successfully carrying out since 1993.

Being a charity, StepChange is different from other debt advisors in the way that they are not driven by fees or profit margins. Since there services are free of charge, they can focus all of their attention on actually helping people to eliminate their debt instead of focusing on how they are going to earn enough to turn a profit.

They are supported by charitable donations from creditors, which gives them a unique angle when it comes to helping those who are having debt trouble. Instead of focusing first on whether or not a client might be profitable, they can focus instead entirely upon what can be done to help the individual in their personal debt situation.

Combine this with the fact that they have a reputation for being personable in the service department and non-judgmental when it comes to helping with the debt assessment process, and you have already established several good reasons to consider them before moving on. But are these good points good enough to merit a call, or are there simply better first-choices out there? That is what we are going to figure out over the course of this review. By the time we are done, you will hopefully have all of the information necessary to make a smart and informed choice about whether or not to try StepChange Debt Charity for your debt problem solutions.

Monthly Service Fee

Unlike other debt management services, StepChange Debt Charity does not charge any fees whatsoever for their services. They offer debt advice and debt management plans completely free of charge. This is made possible through charitable donations given through creditors. Since StepChange is a charity, there is no need to be concerned with whether or not you will be able to afford their services. They are a non-profit organization, employ over 1,000 people, and have physical centers in 10 different locations.

Of course, free is not always better… though in this case, it seems to provide some serious upsides. For people who are facing bankruptcy with no extra cash to spend on debt management, a charity like StepChange just may mean the different between failure and a chance at resolution.

Debt Solutions

StepChange Debt Charity offers a wealth of different debt solutions to their clients. Here is a list of a few of the more prominent services offered on their website.

green_arrowDebt Management Plans green_arrowEquity Release
green_arrowDebt Relief Orders green_arrowIndividual Voluntary Arrangements
green_arrowBankruptcy Advice green_arrowDebt Advice


Of course, all of these services are available free of charge, and most of them can be pursued directly from the StepChange website. Basically, StepChange works to lower your monthly bills to the absolute minimum while still allowing you enough money to live on every month. They also offer help in areas like budgeting and money-planning.

The biggest thing to keep in mind about their system, however, is the fact that 100% of the money paid by customers goes right to paying off their debt. Since StepChange is a free charity service, they take nothing from the top and charge you no additional fees.

 Additional Financial Solutions

In addition to the other services offered by StepChange, clients can also find help in these areas.

green_arrowBudgeting advice green_arrowPayday loan advice
green_arrowCommunication/negotiation with creditors green_arrowMoney advice
green_arrowDebt Problem advice green_arrowUtility switching and more…


Of course, for a full listing of available services, you should visit the official StepChange Debt Charity website.

Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling is not really advertised as a service on StepChange, though that does not mean that they might not be able to help you with your credit once you have repaid your loan. On the FAQs, StepChange does say that you can expect to see your credit rating drop once you start making the reduced payments, but that this shouldn’t be of concern because you will be able to focus on fixing it once the debt is repaid.


The StepChange Debt Charity website is easy to navigate, attractive, and simple. Finding information is easy, though there is admittedly a lot to wade through simply due to the fact that they offer so many different types of services. One of the first things that you will notice is that the website (and the company) have recently undergone a name change. The organization used to be called the CCCS, or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.

Finding information on the different services is fairly easy, though it may take a bit of searching or menu-scanning to find exactly what you are looking for. This is to be expected, however, on a website as large and as extensive as this one. It is apparent from the quality of the site, however, that StepChange is a charity that does things professionally. They definitely didn’t skimp on design or aesthetics when it came to their web presence, which leads one to believe that they are a charity that is ‘on top of their game’. They have, after all, been around for over 20 years and have helped countless individuals with their debt problems in that time.

Contact Information

There are basically three different options for people who want to contact StepChange about their debt management services as far as their website is concerned. First off, they can call the free-phone helpline to speak with a representative. Second, they can request a call-back directly from the website. Thirdly, they can send an email with information about their situation or questions.

SupportHistory of the CompanyDo They Offer Any Guarantees?
There are basically three different options for people who want to contact StepChange about their debt management services as far as their website is concerned. First off, they can call the free-phone helpline to speak with a representative. Second, they can request a call-back directly from the website. Thirdly, they can send an email with information about their situation or questions.
The Consumer Credit Counseling Service was founded in 1993 by Vic Ware and Malcolm Hurlston. By 1996, nearly all of the biggest names in the UK credit industry had pledged their support to the charity. By 2006, the non-profit had released Debt Remedy, which was their first online tool designed to provide free and anonymous debt advice. CCCS was not renamed to ‘StepChange Debt Charity’ until 2012. The renaming was part of a plan to help more people and to become more visible and local.
Since StepChange Debt Charity is a non-profit charity organization, there is really no need for a guarantee of any kind. Utilizing their services and getting their help doesn’t cost anything, so there is really no risk involved in contacting them and giving one of their services a try.

Pros & Cons

So is StepChange Debt Charity a good choice when it comes to debt management and advice? Here are some pros and cons to help answer the question.


green_arrow_green_bgFree debt management and debt advice (because StepChange is a charity organization).

green_arrow_green_bgOffers help in a wide variety of different debt-related situations.

green_arrow_green_bgOutstanding customer service and reputation.

green_arrow_green_bgOffers help in several notable sub-categories (budgeting, payday loan advice, etc.)


red-tick-2May not offer services that match every individual need or situation.


Does This Service Deserve Our Stamp?

In short, the answer is a huge yes. StepChange Debt Charity is a world-class debt counseling and debt management service that has been growing since 1993, and it definitely shows no signs of slowing down. Today, they are a leader in debt management in the UK, and are the top charity of their kind in the nation. Their website is easy to understand and simple to utilize, and they offer a wide range of services for a variety of debt-related situations.

Of course, they may not offer services that will work with every particular situation… though the only way to know for sure whether or not they might be right for you is to contact them and see what they have to say. There is no doubt, however, that StepChange will do a great job if they can help. Their reputation as an industry leader in debt management really precedes them, and their world-class staff seem passionate and willing to help in any way possible.

StepChange Okayed

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