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This privacy statement was created by to explain how we gather and disseminate information on this website.

Your IP Address gathers IP addresses and statistical data from visitors. We use this information to figure out how many visitors we have had per minute, hour, day, week, month, year, etc.


We use first party/session cookies to deliver specific content via our survey system, which helps to keep the same individuals from voting multiple times. We also use these cookies to help identify the visitor log-in status for our public discussion forum and for the reader review service we host. Outside of these very specific practices we do not use cookies to store any other personal information.

Third Party Cookies

Our website utilizes third party cookies which enable other external authentication and statistical gathering systems in use on to communicate as necessary across different websites. These third party cookies are harmless, are set remotely, and do not generally hold information that could be described as ‘personally identifiable’. Such third party cookies can be opted out of, however, if the user chooses not to register with the related service. A registration is required to make these cookies active.

We also use a system called Google Analytics to gather statistical data about how is being viewed and accessed by readers. This helps us to find out what is popular and to attempt to make our website more enjoyable. On this note, our website is funded largely through advertising revenue, as well as some commissions from some product sales.

Please keep in mind that does not have access to third party cookies. You may be able to opt out or block these cookies by either changing the cookies settings on your web browser or by visiting the respective website that issued the cookies to begin with in order to opt out directly. Please keep in mind, however, that blocking the wrong cookies could keep some of this website’s services from working properly, such as the forum, polls, etc.


We use both a Google solution and our own system to host advertisements on our website. These ads may contain cookies which may track information like page-views, IP information, and click count. This tracking is purely for the purpose of statistical monitoring.

Surveys may sometimes enlist the usage of polls or surveys to gather information, such as email addresses, from our visitors. These surveys may also use cookie information in order to determine who has already voted (in order to prevent cheating). may also contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for what other websites do, and cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of other such sites.

Special Relationships

If ever does collect any personal information for any reason, then you can rest assured that this information will not be shared with or sold to third parties. This information is gathered solely to enhance the users experience on may also make use of public forums, chat rooms, message boards, etc. Such services might be available to our users, so please keep in mind that such services make any information shared through them public information. Always use caution when posting on a forum, and never share any personal information of any kind.

Security has made every effort to protect any information provided by users. Information such as IP addresses and Emails (if they have ever been submitted or collected) are kept in ‘non-readable’ locations that are protected by administrator-only access.

Only the owner/administrator of the server has access to this information. This ensures that the data is kept completely confidential and that nobody else can acquire it.

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