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Published On December 15, 2013 | By Albert Just | Contact Management Software

Picnic CRM is a CRM software solution for smaller businesses who do not want to mess with the larger and more expensive programs that are packed with tons of extra features.

In that respect, Picnic is unique because their selling points are that the software is easy to integrate, inexpensive to pay for, yet effective for businesses of all sizes… especially smaller businesses that don’t need all of the bells and whistles included in much larger and more complex CRM solutions.

Of course, smaller CRM software solutions are nothing new, but Picnic definitely brings something unique to the table by packaging their software with small businesses in mind.

In a way, they are a bit of an ‘anti-big CRM solution’ that is stripped of complicated and ‘needless’ features so that it can be made incredibly simple to integrate and understand… which is almost the exact opposite of other much larger CRM programs. The result, however, is a product that is incredibly useful and much, much more affordable.

The downside? Well, let’s face it… you aren’t getting a fully-immersive and complicated program packed with hundreds of fully-customizable features. This makes Picnic a different type of product for a different type of company, but it definitely has a place where modern CRM is concerned.


Picnic CRM is a Cloud-based CRM solution, meaning that it can be used by just about any computer or mobile device with up-to-date web browsing capabilities. This lessens the load on company infrastructure and also eliminates file or information loss problems. Once you input a phone number, a meeting date, or a contact email in Picnic, you can relax and forget it because even if all of your computers crash, it will still be saved.


Features are where you really see how basic Picnic is. Of course, this doesn’t mean that aren’t going to get what you need. Picnic allows users to organize their contacts and to sort them with tags, to manage and assign tasks, to import and export contacts to other programs, to attach important files, to organize notes, and to monitor the social media activity of contacts.

Of course, this is a basic overview of the features, but it is important to understand that Picnic, while a modern CRM solution, is really only a CRM solution. Nowadays, many of the bigger and more costly CRM solutions include things like performance tracking, sales estimates, data analysis, etc. With Picnic, however, things are much simpler. You simply track, update, and manage contact lists while sorting and using them in many different possible ways. Of course, you can also make calendars and keep track of appointments and tasks, but other than that the features pretty much have to do with these basic CRM functions.

Ease Of Use

While Picnic might not be quite as impressive when it comes to its range of features as some larger CRM software programs, it really stands out and shines when it comes to ease of use. Picnic is, in all truthfulness, incredibly easy for anyone with moderate computer experience to use. This is another reason for why Picnic might save smaller companies money. While larger CRM solutions might require actual classes or paid training to be implemented successfully, this program can be integrated and ready to go almost immediately. A little playing around with it is about all that is required to learn it, which makes it incredible for small businesses who don’t have time or money to waste on expensive training or tutoring materials.

Language Flexibility

Unfortunately for companies who need a CRM with multiple supported languages, English is the only language supported by Picnic CRM.

Tutorials & Guidance

Picnic offers an online community for tutorials and guidance in the form of a forum where users can browse through topics and previously answered questions to discover answers to questions and instructions for how to use different features of the software. Users can also post new questions in this forum if they cannot find what they are looking for. This is all free of charge, which further reduces the amount of money that users can plan on spending if they choose picnic CRM over a larger and more complicated option.

Many of the larger CRM software makers actually charge to ‘train’ people with their software. Some even charge for over-the-phone support. Picnic, however, once again displays its cost effectiveness by taking all of this out of the equation. On that note, it is so easy to use that most people will not even need instruction


The Picnic CRM website is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. One should not let the simplicity fool them into thinking that the software is not going to be professional, however! Picnic CRM is definitely a high quality CRM software, even if it does not offer some of the features that larger software solutions might boast. Buying the service is simple, and prices are laid out in an easy-to-understand fashion that will really help you to avoid misunderstanding what you are paying for.

Contact Information

Picnic CRM gives users the ability to save a wide variety of different types of customer contact information. It also incorporates social media into the mix by making it easy to keep track of your customer’s Twitter feed or Facebook wall posts. This is just one example of how Picnic is working to keep the experience up to date and modern, and it is accomplished rather well considering the fact that everything is basic and simple.


Picnic provides customer support via several different methods. One of the best ways to get questions answered about the software is to visit the online community forum to find answers to FAQs, though you can also post your own questions if you cannot find what you are looking for in content already posted on the forum.

Trial & Demo

Picnic actually offers a very basic version of their CRM software for free on an unlimited basis. It is called the ‘Lunch Box Plan’, and it can support 2 users and up to 300 contacts, though it does not allow you to upload any files. Other than that, it functions pretty much exactly as the full versions, making it a great way to try out the software to see if you like how it works and to determine whether or not it might meet all of your needs. If you end up liking it, then you can always upgrade to a different plan that will actually allow you to use all of the features available.

Company’s History

Picnic CRM is a relatively new option in the CRM software world, though that shouldn’t be taken as a reason to avoid it. Other reviewers have praised Picnic for what it is… a basic and entry-level CRM that is perfect for small startups and businesses that need customer relationship management without needless and expensive bells and whistles.

Money Back Guarantee

Right now, Picnic does not have a money back guarantee listed on their website. With that being said, however, it is important to remember that users can sign up for the free version without even giving out a credit card number, which can allow users to try it without risking any sort of loss at all.


When it comes to price, small businesses with tight budgets are going to find Picnic very affordable. Of course, they offer the basic ‘Lunch Box’ package free of charge, but they also have three other paid plans with varying amounts of potential users and contacts. Here is a quick break down of each plan and what it offers.

green_arrowLunch Box: Free, 2 max users, 300 max contacts, no files, 0GB of storage. green_arrow Blanket: $29 per month, 50 max users, 100,000 max contacts, allows files, 50GB of storage.
green_arrowBasket: $9 per month, 10 max users, 10,000 max contacts, allows files, 5GB of storage. green_arrowTable: $99 per month, unlimited users, unlimited contacts, allows files, unlimited storage.


System RequirementsCustomization FlexibilityIn House Or Hosted Solution?
Picnic is a cloud-hosted web-based program that can be run on almost any mobile device or computer that supports up-to-date web browsing.
Unfortunately, Picnic doesn’t offer a lot in terms of flexibility. It is a fantastic system for keeping notes and managing contacts, but there is really only one way that you can use it. You can upload your own business logo to your account, but other than that there are not a lot of customization options.
Picnic CRM is a hosted solution.

Main Features

Here is a more complete list of all of the main features included with Picnic CRM.

green_arrowContact organization. Organize contacts by name, email, phone number, location, job title, company, social profiles, etc. green_arrowAttach important files
green_arrowMailing list creation green_arrowOrganize notes
green_arrowTask management. Manage tasks and assign them to yourself or others. green_arrowMonitor customer social activity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
green_arrowImport/Export contacts

Pros & Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons of Picnic CRM.


green_arrow_green_bgSimple, straightforward CRM software that is easy to implement.

green_arrow_green_bgAffordable even for smaller businesses and startups.

green_arrow_green_bgNo steep learning curve.

green_arrow_green_bgAny questions can be asked easily in the community forums.

green_arrow_green_bgDoes everything that basic CRM is required to do.


red-tick-2Might be too simplistic for larger companies with more complicated CRM needs.

red-tick-2Does not print automatic reports or help to track sales data.

red-tick-2Offers little in the way of customization for day to day use.


Does It Deserve Our Stamp?

In the end, Picnic CRM definitely deserves our stamp of approval. The important thing to remember about Picnic CRM is that it is a very good version of what it is intended to be… a basic and affordable CRM solution for smaller businesses or businesses with very limited CRM needs.

If you need to manage contacts, keep in touch with customers, and manage tasks effectively with little learning curve and no intense implementation costs, then Picnic CRM is for you. It is very affordable, will save small companies a ton of money, and does what it does very well.

PicnicCRM Okayed

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