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Published On October 9, 2016 | By Albert Just | Fat Burners
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Phen Caps has a lot of potential, but it was ruined for us in a few different ways so make sure you read the review!

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Phen Caps is a relatively new product on the market – so we were excited to get to take a look at it.

Every weight loss pill is just a little bit different, obviously – but does this particular diet capsule have what it takes to help you get to your goal weight?

Here’s what we found out over the course of our research.

What is it?

Phen caps is advertised as “The #1 Alternative to Phentermine.” It’s made in the USA, requires no prescription, and combines the power of multiple weight loss supplements into 1 pill for maximum effectiveness. Each bottle contains 60 pills, which is basically 1 month supply of product.

What is it supposed to do?

According to the official website, this product is supposed to enhance fat breakdown, suppress appetite, increase feelings of fullness after meals, reduce cravings, help you to burn more calories, and reduce stress.

Does it work?

Information! In trying to figure out whether or not a particular supplement is going to work, we basically look at 3 different things. We look at the individual ingredients, we look at customer reviews, and we look at the formulation of ingredients as a whole. We also look at clinical evidence and see if the product is backed up by science, which is extremely important.

This product is actually endorsed on the website by a doctor named Dr. Karen Vieira, a PHD Biomedical Scientist. On one hand, it was good to see a medical doctor get behind the product like this. She touted Phen Caps as a ‘comprehensive approach’ to weight loss that deals with all of the most common causes of weight gain across the board.

But on the other hand, we are perhaps a little bit skeptical of her endorsement as well. This isn’t the first supplement that Dr. Vieira has endorsed. She’s actually put her name behind quite a few different products. A simple Google search of her name will reveal quite a bit about her activities in this market, and while we don’t necessarily doubt that she’s a true, believing advocate for the product, it does perhaps cause us to wonder if she might be a ‘career endorser’ or something like that.

Just food for thought, really. It’s impossible to say either way, and there’s nothing to say that all of the products endorsed by her aren’t great. But this is difficult for us to know, as we haven’t researched them all ourselves – so it would probably be fair to say that we approach this specific issue with a bit of caution and skepticism.

With that being said, this product does contain some clinically researched products, though as a product itself, it has not been tested in a clinical setting (that we can find, anyway). It has some good customer reviews, but also a lot of negative feedback as well. We actually liked the formulation, though we will also admit that it’s almost a bit fad-diet-like in some senses – but not so much that we would discount it for that.

As far as the formulation alone is concerned, we didn’t have much of a problem with it at all.

Complete list of ingredients

Here is the ingredient list and what we discovered about the components on the official company website…

Phen Caps bottles

  • PEA – Phenylethylamine

This stimulatory transmitter is said to help reduce hunger and improve digestive health.

  • Caffeine

This well-known stimulant is said to be included in Phen Caps because it helps to stimulate the central nervous system, helping our bodies to create more energy and burn more calories at a faster rate.

  • Theobromine

This alkaloid, derived from the cacao plant, is said to have been used to treat high blood pressure because it helps to dilate the blood vessels.

  • Caralluma

This is a type of Cactus that’s native to the country of India. According to the official product website, this ingredient is said to help decrease appetite, increase endurance, and quench thirst.

  • Synephrine and Methylsynephrine

These compounds are most commonly found in citrus aurantium, and are said to help burn calories and improve insulin sensitivity.

  • L-Carnitine

This is a very popular amino acid in weight loss products, and is said to help transport fatty acids to the mitochondria to help produce energy for the heart and body. It’s also said to help increase stamina, and to help the muscles heal after intense workouts.

  • Red Raspberry Ketones

This component is most commonly found in red raspberries, and is believed to help break up fat within the body at a faster rate.

  • Crataegus spp. Extract

This is actually a fancy name for Hawthorn berry extract. It’s said to be an effective treatment for chronic heart failure, irregular heartbeat, digestive problems, and high blood pressure.

What does this mean?

We liked the ingredient list in this product for several reasons. It contained some ingredients that we don’t see all the time (like Hawthorn berry extract), but also some super-popular, tried-and-tested ingredients as well (like L-Carnitine).

We also liked how the ingredients included in Phen Caps were pretty natural – but with that being said, we can’t help but to also take into account some of the side effect reports, and wonder if they could possibly be caused by something in the formula? Granted, caffeine sometimes causes side effects, which is nothing new – but some people reported upset stomach problems, which isn’t a good thing at all.

We liked the ingredient formulation as a whole, but we remain a bit cautious because of the side effect risks, besides the fact that quite a lot people just didn’t see results. Plus, some of these ingredients aren’t necessarily proven in a clinical setting, like Raspberry Ketones. Are they a unique and potentially powerful natural ingredient? Yes. But are they proven? Not really – and we can’t help but to be a bit skeptical on that front as well.

About the company

Screenshot of Phen Caps websiteThe company that creates Phen Caps is called Careworld, LLC. It was difficult to find anything online about this company, other than the fact that they filed as an LLC in the state of Florida on June 13, 2012, and that they have trademarked the PhenCaps name.

Address and history

You can reach the company, Careworld LLC, at the following physical address…

1200 Brickell Avenue, suite 1950

33131 Miami FL, USA

You can also reach them via their telephone number at 1-305-961-1196

We were unable to learn much about this business, other than that it doesn’t look like they are BBB accredited, and that it says on their website that they have been in business for about 40 years.

We have heard a few negative reports about customer support – though, to be fair, these reports were from people who were trying to get a refund but didn’t, so it is possible that they just didn’t read the refund policy correctly. But still – it’s never good to have customer support complaints circulating about online.

They also offer free shipping on orders totaling more than $90, which is a pretty good deal, honestly.

On their website, they claim to offer a ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’. Basically, this means that they’ll give you 30 days to try the product – and if you don’t end up liking it, for any reason, you can return one opened bottle and the remaining unopened bottles for a full refund.

We were pretty happy to see such a guarantee offered on the website – but make sure that you read the small print! If you don’t follow the return policies to the letter, you might not get your refund – which could be frustrating.

As far as pricing goes, you can order 1 bottle of Phen Caps for $49.95, 3 bottles for $129.95, and a 6 bottle discount pack for $249.95.

User feedback online was mixed. We did see some positive reviews, but we definitely saw some negatives ones as well. Some said that they simply didn’t work, and when they tried to return them, customer service was difficult to deal with.

Altogether, the number of positive and negative customer reviews that we found seemed to be about equal – which isn’t a super-good indicator as far as we’re concerned.

Have users reported any side effects?

Yes, several side effects have been reported by customers who have claimed to use the product. Among them are stomach issues, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and twitchy eyelids. Obviously, supplements like this one will tend to affect people in different ways – but we certainly don’t like seeing side effects associated with any particular product, that’s for sure.

Has this brand been reported to scam sites?

No. As far as we can tell, this brand has not been associated with or reported to any scam sites. Even if it doesn’t work for everyone, it seems to be a legitimate product offered by a legitimate company.

The main brand FAQs

Q: How much are you supposed to take
A: You’re supposed to take one pill twice per day.
Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Phen Caps?
A: You shouldn’t use Phen Caps if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You’re also supposed to speak to a medical provider first before taking it if you are suffering from a medical condition, currently on any type of medication, or have a family history of chronic illness.
Q: How strong is this formulation?
A: These capsules are rated to be 720mg.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research…


  • We really liked the blend of ingredients
  • The product comes with free shipping when you order $90 or more worth of merchandise
  • They give you a 30 day, money back satisfaction guarantee, which is awesome
  • A lot of these ingredients are clinically proven to be effective, and they all seem to be natural
  • There are quite a few positive customer reviews out there
  • Phen Caps is recommended and endorsed by a medical doctor


  • There are actually quite a few reports of side effects with this supplement, which is a downside
  • The capsules themselves don’t seem to have gone through any specific clinical trials
  • The medical doctor who endorsed these capsules has also endorsed many other supplements – and this made us a bit nervous, to be honest

GoOkayed Verdict and where to buy

Phen Caps has a lot of potential, but it was ruined for us in a few different ways. The side effects are really a negative thing, and we read about quite a few of them – which caused us to question whether this is a product that anyone should try.

Plus, the whole thing with the doctor endorsement was a bit strange, because this same doctor has endorsed many other products – and we just don’t know enough about all of them to feel sound-of-mind about it.

There are some good ingredients in it, but these downsides (along with a lack of actual clinical evidence) cause us to come to the conclusion that this product does not, in fact, deserve our GoOkayed Stamp of Approval.

If ,however, you wish to buy this product the best place to do so is on the official product website.


Phen Caps seems to work for some people, and the same might be true for you. We also really liked the fact that it comes with a money back guarantee… but we were a bit disillusioned with the side effect reports and the number of negative customer reviews. We believe that there are simply better products out there for the money, to be honest.

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