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Published On April 6, 2014 | By Albert Just | Lingerie Stores

Pem Club’s name is derived from the acronym ‘Panty Every Month Club’. Basically, their primary offering is a service that allows customers to order a subscription that will have a surprise pair of panties delivered every month, either to you or to someone else whom you have designated them to be delivered to.

Of course, this is not the only service that they offer. You can also shop for and buy lingerie straight off of their website. They carry a pretty extensive line of products and offer relatively good prices on everything.


The first thing that we are going to look at is the website. At first glance, it is attractive and simple to use. Browsing is easy, as is viewing different categories and shopping for different types of products. Sizing information is easy to find (which is a pretty crucial element to this industry), and the site gives off a stylish, professional vibe.

Product Choice/Selection

Product choice and selection is pretty good on this website. Here are the basic categories that they offer…

green_arrowCurve Lingerie green_arrowPure Plus Lingerie
green_arrowDesire Lingerie and Stockings green_arrowTease Lingerie
green_arrowPure Lingerie green_arrowVixen Clubwear and Lingerie

 PemClub Lingerie

There are not pages upon pages of products on the PemClub website, so if you are used to shopping on major retail websites and finding 60+ pages of different products, then you may be disappointed. But every category is represented well, and customers will probably not have a problem finding something at least similar to what they had in mind to buy.

Ease of UseCompanyContact InformationSupport
The PemClub website is extremely easy to use. It is set up a little bit differently because their subscription service is their primary product, but users can easily navigate to the ‘lingerie store’ section if they simply want to browse products or buy them without getting a subscription.
PemClub is unique because, while they are an online lingerie retailer, their primary product is their subscription service. Using this service, customers can simply pay for a subscription and receive a new pair of panties in the mail every month. This saves time, and also adds an element of surprise to the shopping experience, because you are never quite sure what you are going to get.
Under the ‘Contact Us’ section of the PemClub website, users can access an email form that can be completed and submitted for things like questions, comments, complaints, service help, etc. This is good in the sense that most users and reviewers seem to agree that they do a good job of returning such emails, though it is a bit negative in the sense that they don’t offer anything else. A phone number would be nice, though one is not provided (that we could find anyway) on their official website.
Customer support seems very good, except for the fact that a phone number is not provided. The email form does have a place where you can enter your own phone number, which would allow them to return your call… but that is probably the only way that you are going to actually get to speak to a customer representative.

On a more positive note, there is a good indication that they do a pretty good job of getting back to customers who have left an email message.

Company’s History

We couldn’t find any history or much information on the company’s website about how they got started. The ‘about us’ section really only describes their services, not the company in-general.

Product Prices

Product prices on this website are actually very good. Here are some examples of what you can expect to pay for some of their products.

green_arrow A pair of black stockings costs $12.99
green_arrow A body stocking costs $16.99
green_arrow A Lace Ruffled Bralette & Matching G-String is $24.99
green_arrow An Embroidered Bustier and Matching G-string Set is $33.99
green_arrow A Stretch Lace Cami Top With Matching G-string is $24.00

As for their panty subscription service, PemClub offers a few different price options.

green_arrow The panty of the month is $16.
green_arrow The 3-month panty of the month subscription is $48.
green_arrow The 6-month subscription is $96.
green_arrow A 12-month subscription is $192.

Warranties and Product Guarantees

According to law, due to the nature of the products offered by PemClub, they cannot offer returns on any of their products. They do, however, make this pretty clear on their website and make sure that customers know to be aware of the sizes and to try to order the right size the first time to avoid mistakes.


The only information given about shipping is that all orders will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days of the date of payment. They also say that all packages will be sent using USPS, and are sent via standard mail unless noted otherwise. They also say that, as of 2/20/2014, they ship worldwide… so anyone in the world could order from them and still make use of their products and services.

Loyalty Programs

As far as we could find, there were no loyalty programs offered by PemClub.

Pros and Cons

Here are, in our opinion, the pros and cons of PemClub. They may not be a ‘perfect’ service, but they do get a lot of things right.


green_arrow_green_bgThey offer a good selection
green_arrow_green_bg Their products are stylish and fashionable
green_arrow_green_bg Their prices are pretty low
green_arrow_green_bg Their subscription service is pretty unique and would make a fantastic gift, either for yourself or someone else


red-tick-2They don’t offer a free shipping option
red-tick-2While they do carry a decent selection, it does have its limits. If you are looking for something very specific, you may find yourself not being able to find it here.

Does This Company Deserve Our Stamp?

ApprovedYes, PemClub definitely deserves our stamp of approval. If you are looking for high quality lingerie products at an affordable price, or would be interested in a subscription service like the one that they offer on their website, then they are definitely a company to consider.

They may be a smaller lingerie company, but there is no doubt that they offer a decent line of products that would appeal to a wide range of different customers.


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