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Muscle Anabolics

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Anabolic steroids are pretty well-known in body-building and sports circles. They’re technically illegal (unless they’re being prescribed for a specific type of medical problem) – and can also be pretty dangerous.

Everyone knows that anabolic steroid use tends to result in some pretty massive muscle gains. But a lot of people don’t know how they work. A lot of people also don’t realize that there are legal products out there on the market that create an anabolic-like state within the muscles that can work similarly to steroids, but without the negative side effects.

Obviously, the legal methods are not quite as effective – but they do work, and can do a lot of good for people who might like to achieve larger muscle and strength gains at the gym.

In this article, we’re going to talk about muscle anabolics, how they work, and how to choose the right one for you.

The Basics

To start off with, let’s talk about what the word ‘anabolic’ means. The word ‘Anabolic’ is derived from the process of ‘Anabolism’, gives us this definition for the word.

[quote style=’1′ cite=”]“Anabolism is the process by which the body utilizes the energy released by catabolism to synthesize complex molecules.”[/quote]

This is pretty scientific and gives us a basic explanation of the process in-general – but it doesn’t do a lot to help explain what the process has to do with building muscle., however, does a great job of taking this a step further in an article published on their website. Here’s what they have to say about anabolism and the role it plays in muscle-building.

[quote style=’1′ cite=”]“Anabolism is the process where simple substances are converted to more complex compounds such as bone and muscle tissue. When you hit the weights, provide an overloading stimulus, then follow this with nutrition and rest, in most cases, anabolism will take place.”[/quote]

This gives us the basics for muscle-building. When you lift weights, you break down simple tissues. But with proper nutrition and rest, anabolism will take place – which will result in an increase in bone density and muscle growth.

Some ingredients, however, can chemically alter the anabolic state within the body – which will actually cause more of this process to take place. That’s what steroids basically do – but there are also some legal, nutritional supplements that do something very similar.

Nutritional supplements that produce similar effects are certainly less potent than steroids – but at the same time, they also produce far fewer side effects. In fact, when used according to the instructions, the well-engineered supplements in this category often pose negligible side effect risk, and are virtually all-natural and safe.

How to know which muscle anabolic is for you?

There are a number of companies now that are producing these types of supplements. Some people actually call them legal steroids, though this certainly isn’t meant to be literal. These types of products are much, much different than real anabolic steroids.

With that being said, here are some tips for choosing muscle anabolics that will work the best for you.

First of all, be weary of companies that claim to be selling products that are ‘just as good’ as steroids. Steroids themselves are certainly effective – but they’re also dangerous and illegal unless they’ve been prescribed specifically to treat some sort of illness.

Reputable companies will be more honest about expectations. If you see a product that simply seems ‘too good to be true’, it probably is – so you might want to pass on it.

Always make sure that the product has received good consumer feedback. You should also check and make sure that the active ingredients have been proven to work in clinical trials. Some companies make bold claims about their products without even testing them – and end up selling gimmicks instead of effective supplements.

You should also check to make sure that the company itself has a good reputation before you purchase a product like this.

Who should use this type of a product?

People who spend some serious, quality time lifting weights at the gym are going to see the best results with a muscle anabolic. These supplements don’t necessarily increase muscle gains on their own – but rather, help to enhance the mass you gain through lifting by creating an anabolic state within the muscles.

Muscle anabolics are certainly not a ‘miracle pill’ that will make your muscles bulge within the first few days – but they do help to increase muscle gains when you commit to a consistent workout schedule.

Eating a healthy diet that contains plenty of lean protein could also really help you with this, as the food that you put into your body is crucial to your overall state of health and well-being.

If you’re looking to maximize your muscle gains and really want to get serious about your weight-lifting, then there is a good chance that muscle anabolics are going to be a good choice for you.

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