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When it comes to losing weight, one of the most difficult things to overcome is hunger.

Dieting wouldn’t be so difficult if it weren’t for hunger cravings. Hunger is definitely a diet-killer, and having a large appetite can spell disaster for any weight-loss plan if you find yourself unable to control the cravings.

So what can you do about it?

Well, a lot of people turn to appetite suppressants to help – and for good reason.

An appetite suppressant is basically a supplement, food, or ingredient that helps to combat hunger – either by making you feel fuller after meals, or by fighting the cravings in-between.

There are a number of different products on the market nowadays that do this – but how do they work?

The basics

There are basically three different types of appetite suppressants – though some products utilize some or all of them at once to make the end results more effective.

  • The first type is the type that makes you feel fuller. This is accomplished through the use of soluble fiber, which is fiber that mixes with water while in the stomach. This essentially causes the appetite suppressant to take up more room in the stomach than usual, though it does so without giving you any extra calories.

The result is a product that makes you feel like you’re full of food, when in reality, you just have more soluble fiber and water in your stomach. This will cause you to eat less, which will help you to cut down on calories.

  • The second type of appetite suppressant is the type that targets the adrenal gland. This type is generally taken before meals, and works by stopping hunger pangs before they start.

epinephrineThey accomplish this by stimulating the glands to produce more of a chemical within our bodies called ‘epinephrine’. This chemical causes the blood pressure and heart rate to increase, and helps to inhibit the ‘hunger signals’ that the brain sends out to the rest of the body.

This second type helps by reducing the random cravings that we experience throughout the day.

Many people don’t realize that snacking in-between meals is often responsible for most of the extra calories in our diet. This type of suppressant is probably the best for targeting this ‘in-between meals’ problem.

Another effect that this second type tends to have on the body is a faster metabolic rate. This means that it also causes the body to burn calories faster.

A faster metabolic rate can really help to kick any weight-loss plan into overdrive. By itself, it might not do the trick – but when it’s combined with other factors (like a better diet and more exercise), it can do a lot to help.

  • The third type stimulates the body to release more serotonin.

Serotonin is the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical, and provides you with an increased sense of happiness and well-being.

This type generally works to help us eat less at meals, because as the serotonin kicks in, we tend to feel more satisfied before our food actually begins to affect our brains. Eating food can also trigger the release of serotonin – which is why some people tend to ‘eat their emotions’.

By releasing serotonin with the appetite suppressant instead of with the food, however, you cut this process short and achieve the same result – only you’ll eat far less food in the process.

Of course, there are some possible exceptions to these types of suppressants. Not all weight loss or appetite suppressant products will work exactly like this – but in general, this basically covers how they work.

Do Appetite Suppressants Really Work?

This is a very good question – and the answer seems to vary by product. Specific results also tend to vary by person, because your routine and overall weight-loss plan will greatly impact the effectiveness of a product like this.

A lot of people struggle with appetite suppressants, because they believe that the products, on their own, are all that you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

But this isn’t necessarily a realistic expectation.

No product is going to act as a ‘magic bullet’ for weight loss – and even the most advanced appetite suppressants on the market are going to need to be made a part of a larger plan to be effective.

As it turns out, there’s really no substitute for a healthier diet, an increased exercise level, and healthier life-choices.

But appetite suppressants can work in-conjunction with these things to make your efforts even more effective.

The key to real weight loss and the use of these types of products is to use them as part of a larger effort – not to just take a pill and hope for explosive results.

Are appetite suppressants the right type of weight loss product for you?

There are a lot of awesome products in this category on the market – but there are also some that aren’t made very well.

The key is to find one that you can trust.

As a general rule, this type of product could work for anyone – but you might find it the most useful if you have a hard time with hunger cravings.

If a growling stomach is the biggest contributor to your weight-loss woes, then there’s a good chance that a quality appetite suppressant could provide you with the help you need to succeed. Combining such a product with plenty of exercise and a healthier, calorie-restricted diet could do wonders for your waistline – and will probably help you to shed pounds faster than you could using any one of these methods on their own.

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