foods to avoid to lose weight

Foods to avoid if you want to lose weight

Published On December 27, 2016 | By Albert Just | Weight Loss

We all need to eat – but there are definitely some foods that are better for you than others. And if you’re trying to lose weight and get into better shape, then this is even truer for you!

Some foods simply destroy weight loss efforts – and these are the types of foods that you should avoid like the plague if you’re thinking about shedding some of that extra unwanted body fat.

But what foods are they?

Here are a few that you should probably go to great lengths to avoid – and some of them might surprise you!

French fries

Everyone loves French fries… which is totally understandable. What’s not to like about potatoes that have been cut into curly slivers, deep-fried, and then salted to utter perfection?

Well, their effect on weight-loss is one thing not to like!

Potatoes themselves are actually healthy and filling as a food source – but French fries (and potato chips) certainly are not! They’ve been linked to weight gain in several different studies, and potato chips may contribute to weight gain more than almost any other type of food!

So if you’re looking to drop some extra fat, stay away from the fried potato products!


Candy is straight up bad news for people who want to lose weight. Candy bars themselves are comprised pretty much of pure sugar, with a lot of oils, processed ingredients, and refined flour rolled into one fitness-killing package.

Plus, they’re cheap to buy and easy to get – making them difficult to avoid. If you find yourself craving a chocolate bar, run the other way – and eat a bit of fruit or some tuna fish instead!

Soda and other sugary drinks

Yes, soda is very, very, very tasty. But it’s also very, very, VERY fattening. It’s filled with sugar, and has a reputation for being one of the unhealthiest types of foods that you could possibly put into your body. Sodas and other sugary drinks are closely associated with weight-gain, and they don’t make you feel as full as food does – which can potentially increase your overall intake.

You would be amazed at how much weight you can lose just by cutting soda out of your diet. Try substituting water, and give up sugary drinks for just a month. You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel!

Carb-dense foods

Carbs are a hot-topic within the weight-loss spectrum. But some foods that are said to be ‘high carb’ are actually not so bad, while others are worse than you might think. Potatoes, for example, are considered a ‘bad carb’ food by many – but potatoes are mostly water, so only about 25% of the food is actually made up of carbohydrates.

Rice cakes, on the other hand, are usually considered healthy. But they’re actually very carb-dense. Almost 80% of a rice cake is made up of carbohydrates!

Carb-dense foods can cause inflammation, and they’re certainly not the best for your waist line. For best results, try to avoid carb dense foods like bread, bagels, crackers, pasta, and white rice.

Ice Cream

Yes, ice cream is awesome – but it’s actually a very unhealthy snack that gives you the ability to consume huge numbers of calories in a single sitting.

Granted, eating a very small portion now and then is alright – and some people like to make their own healthier version of the food out of yogurt and fruit.

But as a general rule, you’ll tend to help your weight loss efforts overall by simply avoiding this creamy, sugary snack food.


Yes, we know – now it’s getting to the point of ridiculous. Pizza is a favorite for almost everyone – but it’s also super-high in calorie content, packs in a lot of processed meat, and serves up too much refined flour to be considered healthy.

If you can’t do without, then try making your own out of healthier ingredients. Believe it or not, commercial pizzerias tend to put a LOT of sugar in their pizza sauce – so substituting this ingredient for a healthier, natural tomato sauce can do a lot to help keep the calories to a minimum… though, obviously, it would be better for you overall to eat a salad and some baked chicken instead.


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