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This website is intended to be a resource for people who want to learn about health/fitness related products and services. With that being said, the main purpose of this website is for entertainment, and we do not officially advocate or endorse the use of any specific products or services – including those listed on it.

We urge anyone who might consider using these products to do so with caution, and with the understanding that we are in no way responsible for the effect such products could have on their life, health, safety, or well-being. We make every effort to provide factual information and to help our visitors by giving them real facts – but please keep in mind that we DO NOT officially claim to be anything more than an entertainment website.

It is not our intent that anyone who views our website should use any of these products in any way that could compromise their health, safety, or security – and if such a situation were to occur, we cannot be held accountable.

Please keep in mind that the products listed on our website may or may not have been tested prior to the writing of the reviews posted here. We make every effort to keep the information factual, but it is important for all of our visitors to remember that their health, safety, and security is their own responsibility. If you are using this website, remember that you are responsible for the products you choose to use – so please do so safely, and after you’ve thoroughly researched all applicable possibilities and information!

We exclude ourselves from liability in such cases that harm would be done by a product that has been featured on our website, on the ground that we are only here to entertain and to try our best to post useful content.

We are not an authority on any subject, and should never be considered one – in any circumstance.

The information that we provide on this website is ‘as is’. We do not offer any kind of warranty or guarantee. This includes (but is not limited to) the implied warranty of merchantability. We also understand that we might not be able to specifically exclude ourselves from all applicable implied warranties in all jurisdictions, so any problems arising from our inability to exclude ourselves from warranties shall be handled in a case-by-case basis.

It is important that our readers understand that the information contained and posted on our website may not always be factual or accurate. It could contain typographical errors, technical errors, out-of-date information, or even information that is simply incorrect. It is never our intention to publish false or erroneous information, but it could happen – which is why our visitors should never make purchasing or health-related decisions based on the content of this website.

Due to FTC regulations, we are required to inform our users that some of our pages are specifically designed to generate revenue. We may collect revenue through affiliate links in product reviews, as well as through advertisements or banner ads located on our website.

The product reviews posted on our site cannot always be verified. Reviews may also be submitted from many different sources – and as such, it may be impossible to verify them for accuracy.

It is important for the user to understand that we make no guarantee of factuality.

The opinions expressed on this website are those of the site owner, the writers who happened to supply the content, and/or of the third party who shared them – and are only opinions! We never claim that all of the information posted on this site is factual, and cannot be held to such a standard. With this being the case, the information contained on this site can never be used to defame any other company or product. Company trademarks and names that appear on our website are used only to identify the products and companies being discussed, and are the respective property of their legal owners.

All comments listed on our website are posted by third-party users. As such, we cannot be held responsible for what they contain. We disclaim all liability as it pertains to third-party content.

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