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Published On April 20, 2016 | By Albert Just | Muscle Anabolics
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Crazy Bulk products seem well-formulated and produced by qualified manufacturer.

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Everyone wants to get better gains at the gym – but many people struggle with this, and for good reason. Sometimes, our body simply doesn’t naturally produce enough of the right hormones and/or chemicals to help us build the lean, fit muscles that we need without doing a truly impossible amount of work – but don’t let that discourage you.

CrazyBulk may represent an opportunity to get you the gains that you really want in less time, and with a reasonable amount of effort. Granted, you’ll still need to work hard – but the body that you want may actually be within your grasp with the help of this product.

What is it?

CrazyBulk calls itself a 100% legal steroid alternative. A lot of people are wondering if CrazyBulk is actually an anabolic steroid, but it’s not. It’s a muscle-building and workout supplement that’s labeled as a steroid alternative because it produces similar effects in the muscles – albeit safely, with natural ingredients and no side effects, and to a lesser, less-extreme degree.

What is it supposed to do?

CrazyBulk carries several different products, and we will be talking about a lot of them in this review. But in general, these supplements are designed to help you burn fat and build lean muscle.

CrazyBulk products

Does it work?

In all honesty, it’s still a bit hard to find real customer reviews for these products – despite the fact that they’ve been around for a while. Of the reviews we’ve read, some seem to be in favor of it and some seem to indicate that it’s not worth the money.

All in all, it seems to be a well-formulated product. But to be completely honest, results will probably differ from person to person.

What products do they offer?

Here’s a rundown of the different products that CrazyBulk offers on their official website.

  • D-Bal

This product is said to mimic the effects of Methandrostenolon, a very powerful steroid known as Dianabol. It helps to create an anabolic state within the muscles, thereby giving the user muscle growth, rapid gains, and increased strength.

  • TBAL75

This supplement helps to create similar androgenic effects as Trenbolone – though naturally and without the risks. It was designed for mass muscle gains, physical conditioning, strength increases, bulking, and cutting.

  • Anadrole

This supplement was designed to increase gains, strength, and stamina. It was also formulated to help speed up workout recovery, and to kick-start quick gains at the beginning of the cycle. It was actually specifically intended to naturally re-create a similar affect as Anadrol, one of the most powerful anabolic steroids of all time.

  • Testo-Max

This natural testosterone booster was designed to help increase muscle gains, strength, and stamina. It also helps to speed up recovery times, while aiding with bulking and cutting.

  • Decaduro

This legal and safe alternative to Deca-Durabolin was formulated to increase strength and endurance, while also helping to maximize quality muscle gains. It was also designed to aid in recovery, relieve joint pain, and make your bulking and cutting efforts more efficient.

  • NO2 Max

This supplement was formulated to boost nitric oxide. It was designed to help improve oxygen circulation and blood flow during workouts. Use it to help increase strength, energy, recovery speed, endurance, and performance.

  • HGH-X2

This supplement is an HGH releaser. It helps to stimulate the pituitary gland, causing it to release more HGH into your bloodstream. It’s used to increase lean muscle gains, to burn more fat, to increase recovery speed, and to maximize your efforts with cutting cycles.

Complete list of ingredients

There are several different CrazyBulk products, and all of them have different ingredients – so to make things simpler for the purpose of this review, we’re going to list and examine the ingredients for the CrazyBulk product TBAL75 – Natural Alternative.

  • Beta Sitosterol – 200mg

This is a substance found in plants that some chemists call a “plant sterol ester.” It is sometimes used to treat heart disease and high cholesterol, though it can also be used for chronic fatigue syndrome, enlarged prostate, and to enhance sexual performance. It is also known for helping to reduce pain and swelling, such as after running or working out.

  • Samento Inner Bark (Urcaria Tomentosa) – 100mg

This ingredient is one of the two different species of a plant called “Cat’s Claw”. The plant is very well known and used widely in herbal medicine circles, and is probably most famous for being used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also used for chronic fatigue syndrome and for healing wounds. The plant basically contains chemicals that help to stimulate the immune system (source).

  • Nettle Leaf Extract – 100mg

This widely-used herb basically decreases inflammation. It has long been used to treat poor circulation, many endocrine disorders, and problems like asthma and lung congestion. It has been used medicinally for hundreds of years – dating back to ancient Greece (Source).

  • Pepsin – 25mg

Pepsin is an enzyme that helps to break down proteins in food. It is one of the main enzymes used in digestion. To be more specific, it’s one of the three essential enzymes in the human digestive system.

What does this mean?

All in all, the ingredients that make up CrazyBulk TBAL75 – Natural Alternative seem pretty straightforward. We’ve seen many of these in other body building and fat burning supplements before, so really, it seems that CrazyBulk is onto something good with the formulation.

Of course, whether or not it’ll work for you might depend on several different factors. There’s really no way to know for sure until you try it. But in-general, the ingredients seem to be well-selected, and indicate that this product should do a pretty good job of what it was designed to do.

Screenshot of CrazyBulk websiteAbout the company

As of the time that this was written, CrazyBulk was listed with the BBB as a C- rated business based out of New York, New York in the United States.

You can view the complete BBB page for this company here but if you have a more specific question that you’d like to ask, feel free to leave a comment on this very same page.

We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Go to to Place Your Order

Address and historySupport and ShippingPricing and Refund Policy
Here’s the physical address for the company as found on the BBB website.


5th Ave, New York, NY. 10118

Unfortunately, we were unable to find much in the way of history about this company.

You can get free shipping to the USA & Europe on all orders with CrazyBulk, which is awesome! Not enough companies actually offer free shipping options.

We’ve heard mixed reports about customer support. You can actually contact the company by phone at +1 (646) 893 7753. Some customers report good experiences, while others seem to have some issues getting their problems resolved.

You can buy one bottle of TBAL75 for $61.99. But if you buy 2, you get 1 free, and if you buy 4, you get 2 free – so the more you buy, the more money you save.

According to the FAQ section of the company website, you only have 7 days after the order date to decide to return the product, and in this case the packaging must be unopened. So really, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the best return policy.

Online user feedback

We’ve done quite a bit of research about this product online, and have two things to say about it in this regard.

First, the vast majority of customer reviews (most of which we found on the main product website) seem to be positive. Understandably, not many people completely trust reviews posted on the company’s own website – but we really found very little reason to think that CrazyBulk would lie about something like this.

Plus, the BBB had listed only 1 complaint within the past 12 months – and that complaint had actually been closed and resolved.

Secondly, we could not ignore the fact that some customers truly seem to be unhappy with some CrazyBulk products. We’ve heard some customer reviews stating that the product basically doesn’t work – which leads us to the conclusion that this product must not work for everyone.

Have users reported any side effects?

As far as we can tell, customers haven’t reported much in the way of side effects for this product – and the company also claims that CrazyBulk is side-effect free.

With that being said, some of the ingredients are linked to some mild side effect reports. Beta-Sitosterol, for example, has been linked to nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and even erectile dysfunction and a lower interest in sex (source).

Has this brand been reported to scam sites?

We really haven’t seen anything to indicate that this product could be a scam. It seems to be legitimate, and the supplements seem to be produced and delivered by a real company.

The main brand FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we spotted for CrazyBulk supplements over the course of our research, along with the answers for them.

Q: Is CrazyBulk Legal?
A: Yes, completely. The company sometimes refers to them as ‘legal steroids’, but it would be more accurate to call them ‘legal steroid alternatives’.
Q: Does CrazyBulk Contain Real Steroids?'
A: No. These supplements contain 100% natural steroid alternatives that produce similar effects – not real steroids.
Q: Does CrazyBulk Produce Steroid-Like Side Effects?
A: No. Since there are no actual steroids in these supplements, they don’t produce the severe and negative side effects associated with steroid use. In fact, CrazyBulk isn’t said to produce any negative side effects at all.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered while researching CrazyBulk.


  • It seems well-formulated and professionally produced
  • You get free shipping in the US and Europe
  • There are no side-effects
  • Most reviews are positive
  • There are a lot of products to choose from


  • Some customer reviews are negative
  • Some customers have said that the products don’t work for them
  • The return policy could be more customer friendly
  • If you don’t order more than one bottle, the supplements tend to be a bit expensive


GoOkayed Verdict and where to buy

GoOkayed ApprovedThis product certainly deserves our GoOkayed Stamp of Approval, and here’s why.

Granted, it might not work for everyone, but we were impressed enough with the positive reviews and the formulations of ingredients that we had little reason to doubt that CrazyBulk could be an awesome product for most people.

With that being said, keep in mind that not every supplement is going to affect people the same way. Without a good return policy, this product is a bit of a risk – which is unfortunate. But in most cases, it seems to be a risk worth taking.

You can order this product on the official CrazyBulk website.


If you’re looking for a body-building supplement and need a company that offers a lot of different products for stacks, then CrazyBulk could be an awesome choice for you and more than worth a try.

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