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Published On November 7, 2014 | By Albert Just | BrydgeAir

If you own an iPad, then you probably already know how good it feels to have so much freedom of movement when it comes to using a mobile device. Laptops are all well and good, but next to the iPad they are almost bulky and cumbersome in comparison. With an iPad, you can simply pick it up and go. You can surf the web with the touch of your finger, and can use it to do virtually anything that’s possible with a full-fledged computer.

Tablets are not all without their downsides, however – and when it comes to the iPad, one thing that’s been missing is a high-quality attachable keyboard. Of course, not everybody needs a keyboard attachment for their iPad, though there are also people who must have one if they really want to leave their laptop behind.

Unfortunately, one thing that tablets have a tough time with is emulating the real feel and effectiveness of a laptop keyboard. For writers, bloggers, people who send a lot of emails, and students, this could be a significant problem.

BrydgeAir, however, is a device intended to fix this problem. It’s basically an attachable keyboard that’s made to feel completely ergonomic and computer-like, though of course it can also be removed to allow you to take the tablet with you when you go. This device is actually made by a company called Brydge, and comes in several different versions.

But is it really going to be useful for people who have serious typing to do? Is it going to allow them to ditch their laptop completely and move to a tablet?

Here’s what we found out when writing Brydge Keyboards review.


First of all, let’s discuss the company website. We were very impressed with the clean, professional layout presented by the company, and found it easy to browse and navigate.

While Brydge doesn’t seem to offer a huge array of products, the products that they do offer are easy to find and well-described. They also featured a fantastic video about the BrydgeAir that, in our opinion, was helpful because it made it easy to see exactly what the device actually did.

We really didn’t find anything to complain about when it came to the website. It all looked great to us.

Price Description Where to Buy
£106.69 + BrydgeAir – Space Gray / Silver


The BrydgeAir actually comes in several different models. There is the BrydgeAir Silver, the BrydgeAir Gold, and the BrydgeAir Space. All of them are basically the same, except for a few minor visual differences. The space keyboard is colored gray and black, while the silver is silver and the gold is gold.


Brydge Keyboards

As far as features are concerned, here is what you can expect to find if you order a BridgeAir keyboard.

Compatible with the iPad

First off, all of these keyboards are compatible with the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2.

An aluminum body

The body of the keyboard is actually forged from a solid piece of high-grade aluminum! It’s exceptionally strong, yet lightweight.

Built-in speakers

There are two speakers build into the BrydgeAir, which means that you can listen to music or watch videos without the need for headphones.

Backlit keys

The keys themselves are actually backlit, making it much easier to type in the dark.

 180 degree hinge

Just like high-quality laptops, you can actually fold the iPad with the BrydgeAir attached completely in half or open it completely. The device offers a full range of movement.

 Long battery life

The battery will last up to 3 months, depending upon how often you use the speakers and the backlit keys – which is actually pretty incredible.

 Bluetooth 3.0

The device utilizes Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your iPad.


The device comes with a 12 month warranty.


Brydge actually got started with a successful kickstarter campaign. They say that their real history began in April of 2014, and that their name speaks for their mission-to act as a ‘bridge’ between you and your tablet.

Contact InformationSupportCompany HistoryCost
The only way to contact the company seems to be through an email customer support form – which you fill out and then submit through their website.
Customer support looks pretty good, despite the fact that they don’t provide customers with a phone number on their website. Then again, this isn’t much of a ‘tech support’ sort of product. It’s just an electronic device, so unless it isn’t working than there’s probably little reason to think that you’ll need to get in contact the company via phone.
This company really got its start in early 2014. They began with a very successful kickstarter campaign, and have been moving forward with new products ever since.
The BrydgeAir Gold sells for $180, the Silver for $169, and the Space Gray for $169. This does seem high when you compare them to other keyboards (you can buy high quality backlit gaming keyboards for your desktop or laptop for less than $100 – and sometimes for less than $70).

Then again, most keyboards are made from plastic – not from high grade aluminum. These devices are definitely high in quality, and though they might cost a bit more than the average keyboard, they will probably save you much more than the listed price in terms of time. Being able to type on your tablet as well as you can type on your laptop is somewhat invaluable nowadays – and this device will legitimately allow you to do that.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about the BrydgeAir keyboards.


check-list Made of high quality materials

check-list Constructed well – will probably last a long time

check-list Fits the newest iPad models

check-list Backlit keys make it useful in the dark

check-list It’s basically as useful as a laptop keyboard – you may even stop using your laptop if you buy this device for your tablet


bad-list Price-point is a bit high, especially for such a small keyboard – though you are truly getting what you pay for.

bad-list At the time that this was written, it was going to take ‘4 to 6 weeks to ship from your order date’ if you ordered on of these keyboards, due to ‘high demand’ (according to the official company website). Of course, they can’t really help it if the keyboards are selling fast – but it seems like this could get inconvenient if it isn’t corrected soon.


Does this company deserve our stamp?

brydge Keyboards approvedYes, there’s no doubt that Brydge deserves our Go Okayed stamp of approval. This device will truly revolutionize the way you use your tablet, and might very well render your bulky laptop obsolete.

If you’ve ever wanted a real keyboard for your tablet that wasn’t clumsy, annoying, or cheaply made, then this is probably a product that you would appreciate.

If you’re in the market for a keyboard for your iPad and you don’t mind spending a little bit more to get something that’s really going to work, then you should definitely consider taking a look at the BrydgeAir tablet keyboard.

Price Description Where to Buy
£106.69 + BrydgeAir – Space Gray / Silver

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