Best muscle building foods

Best Foods For Growing Muscle

Published On December 12, 2016 | By Albert Just | Testosterone

If you’ve been working out in the hopes of building better muscle tone throughout your body, then you’ve also doubtlessly heard (or read) that your diet is going to play a significant role as well.

Obviously, if you’re wanting to slim down and shed extra fat, you’re going to need to adopt a cleaner diet that’s free of unnecessary fats and sugars… but you would also stand to gain much better results by intentionally changing your diet to reflect your muscle-building goals.

Muscle building is a somewhat complex process within the body – and just like any other process, it requires fuel. The better the fuel you put into your body, the better the results will be – so here is some information about what types of foods to eat that might help you to maximize muscle gains and help you to really crank out better results for your effort at the gym.

Here are some of the best foods for growing muscle.

Grass-fed beef

Beef is simply one of the best foods to eat if you’re wanting to boost muscle gains, mostly because it contains so much quality protein. It also contains cholesterol, B vitamins, and zinc – as well as iron.

Just make sure that you consume natural grass-fed beef, as this type will tend to have higher levels of CLA in it. This will give you an extra boost that grain-fed beef might not be able to provide.

Brown Rice

Many people don’t realize that rice can be an incredible muscle-booster. It’s a slow-digesting food, which means that it will give you better energy levels throughout the day. But it will also help you to boost your levels of growth hormone, which is very important for new lean muscle growth.

Brown right also helps to promote fat loss.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein. They can help to not only boost muscle gains and mass, but also to reduce bad cholesterol levels within the body. Plus, the yolks contain high levels of good cholesterols – making them a literal power-house as a workout food.


While some people might not be as crazy about the taste of beets, the fact remains that they can make a powerful addition to a muscle-building diet. Beets are an excellent source of a nutrient called betaine, which helps to enhance joint repair. It’s also good for the liver.

Beets not only help to boost muscle gains, but also aid in muscle recovery after workouts – which is awesome.

Not too crazy about that ‘beet’ taste? Try blending them into a fruit smoothie – or eat them on a tasty salad.


Who doesn’t enjoy some spinach on their salad or in their workout smoothie?

Well, as it turns out, spinach isn’t just delicious – it’s also very good for you if you’re trying to build muscle! Spinach contains plenty of glutamine, which is an amino acid that’s essential the process of lean muscle construction.

But spinach is also good at helping you to build endurance – which should help you to work out harder for longer.

Want to absorb the maximum amount of goodness from your spinach as possible? Try eating it raw in a salad. You can even cover it up with some sautéed mushrooms and onions, and cover the mixture with an olive oil/vinegar dressing.


While many people think of cantaloupe as a sweet fruit, it’s actually very low in fructose content. It’s also unique in that it’s full of fast-digesting carbs, which makes it an excellent breakfast food, as well as an excellent snack choice to consume right after a workout.

Having trouble eating healthy? Try to visualize your potential

If you are having trouble staying motivated when it comes to eating healthy, try to remember what your goals are whenever the time comes to choose what foods to eat. Remember that you certainly are what you eat, and that healthy food choices will do a lot to help you achieve the type of body that you truly desire.


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